Chinese As Foreign Language 



CFL Beginner I Teaching Plan


                                    Teacher: Lu  Lee   


Welcome To Ray Chinese School! 


Goals for this semester:

1.     Students will learn all Chinese phonics called Pin Yin.  Mastering pinyin  may help students to learn mandarin Chinese easier and faster;

2.     Students will learn how to correctly sound four Chinese tones;

3.     Students will build up basic Chinese vocabulary and sentences;

4.     Students will learn simple daily conversation and songs in Chinese;

5.     Students will get to know Chinese Cultural, Holidays and Traditions;



1.     My First Chinese Words by Better Chinese Ltd ;

2.     Some other materials I created or compiled from different resources;


Teaching Pace

1.    Since this is first year of using the new text book and also Star Pair is a new

Program offered by Ray, so the teacher will determine the teaching pace according to most of students’ progress.


Parents’ Support:  to reach our goals, the parents are expected:

1.     Actively participate with your child in the classroom;

2.     Review and complete the home work assignment with your child;

3.     Should your child be absent, it is your responsibility to e-mail me in advance so I can e-mail a “Teacher-Parent” hand out to you.



1.     Langenscheidt:  Chinese-English, English-Chinese Dictionary (Barnes & Noble) (Optional);


3.  (with sound effects) ;


 jāi  yóu

Together We Can Do It!  !