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Chinese Language
Chinese Language classes are offered from Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st through 9th grade. The classes meets for two of 50 min. periods each Saturday. Students who are from non-Chinese spoken families are encouraged to enroll in Chinese as Foreign Language programs.
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AP Chinese Language & Culture
AP 中国语言文化

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Chinese Culture Appreciation *NEW
This class is for students who are in 7th or above grade Chinese programs and would like to review their vocabulary and basic language skills through reading/writing. Materials provided will be selected by teacher from variety sources to promote students interest in Chinese culture.
Chinese Conversation
This is a class for students of all ages who want to learn Chinese as a second language. It emphasizes pronunciation, oral comprehension, and simple conversations. Students learn vocabularies and sentences often used in daily living. Teaching materials include situational dialogues for class and for home practices. Students are encouraged to participate in small group discussion and practice. Chinese phonetic spelling (i.e. Pin-Yin) is used to help pronunciation and reading. Teaching assistants are also available in the classroom to help the practice.
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Chinese As Foreign Language (CFL)
This program is designed for children from non-Chinese speaking families. Parents are encouraged to stay in the class with their children and participate in activities together. Children will bring home the poems, stories, self-made books and character cards from the teacher. All the poems and songs introduced in the class are recorded with the teacher’s voice to help the children and their parents practice at home.

The Kindergarten class runs 50 minutes on Saturday. Children learn basic vocabularies including greetings, school activities, nature, animals, opposites etc. through games, stories and songs. Children also learn simple sentences through imitating and acting. Selected Chinese characters are introduced as part of the learning.

The first and second grade classes will run two of 50 minute periods on each Saturday. This program extends from the Kindergarten level and continue to emphasize on aural comprehension and speaking of sentences in daily life. Children will learn to read short form of stories. Writing simplified Chinese character will also be a part of the curriculum. In class activities include Animal of the Day, Food of the Day, Characters of the Day, and stories of the Day. Routine after school home work will be assigned and graded. Exams will be instructed at mid-semester and at the end of the semester.

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