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Math for Gifted(Grade 3-4)
The Grade 3 - 4 level class emphasizes on the logical thinking and problem solving skills in problems related to 'Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division' as well as decimals and fractions. This level will also include some basic concepts in geometry and statistics. After one year training, students will be at a level comparable with those in Gr.5-6 level in general public schools.
This class will be instructed in English.
Math for Gifted(Grade 4-5)
The Grade 4 - 5 level class will understand in depth the concepts in areas of geometry and statistics. Students will also get a start on algebra and trigonometry. Teacher will use some physics related problems for enhancing the concepts and problem solving skills. With one year of training at this level, students will be at Gr. 7-8 math level in general public schools.
This class will be instructed in English.
This course is for 6-7 grade students who have had algebra. It will cover the following topics:
1) Lines, angles, and triangles.
2) Methods of proof.
3) Congruent triangles.
4) Parallel lines, distances, and angle sums.
5) Parallelograms, trapezoids, medians, midpoints.
6) Circles.
7) Similarity.
8) Areas.
9) Regular polygons and the circle.
10) Locus.
11) Inequalities and indirect reasoning.
12) Improvement of reasoning.
13) Constructions.
14) Proofs of important theorems.
15) Transformational geometry.
American Math Competition
American Math Competition 12 (2009-2010)
American Math Competition course (2009-2010) continues from previous year and will cover prerequisite math materials for American Math Competition 12 such as trigonometry, logarithm, complex numbers, polynomials, counting. The course is suitable for students grading 9 to 12 or who are very ambitious in math. We will practice all AMC 12 tests between years 2000 to 2009, 17 in total. We will also analyze and dissect many fascinating AIME problems to exemplify the typical math techniques.
Course requirement:
Due to the contents of this course, it requires 9th grade or above.
Course outline (fall session)
Lesson 1: Why you are here?
Lesson 2: All about Logarithm
Lesson 3: All about trigonometry: definitions, identities, graphs
Lesson 4-9: AMC 12 exercises
Lesson 10: Triangles revisited: Law of Sine and Law of Cosine
Lesson 11: Polynomials: Fundamental theory of algebra, Vieta theory
Lesson 12-16: AMC 12 exercises

Course outline (spring session)
Lesson 1: All about a cube
Lesson 2: Continue to count: recursions and generating functions
Lesson 3-10: AMC 12 exercises
Lesson 11 Complex numbers
Lesson 12: Sample problems from AIME
Lesson 13-16: AMC 12 exercises

American Math Competition 10 (2008-2009)
This two hours course, “American Math Competition”, is designed for challenging students strongly interested in math competitions, mainly for AMC (American Math Competitions) series. AMC has three levels: the AMC8 is for students in grades 8 and below; the AMC10 is for students in grades 10 and below; and the AMC12 is for students in grades 12 and below. The course starts with AMC8 but will quickly lead to AMC10 and AMC12. AMC8 is equivalent to or higher than popular MathCounts which is designed for middle school students in grades 6-8. The course will teach various math techniques to solve broad range of math puzzles. At the same time, students will have a lot of hand-on experience by exploring series of AMC activities. The motto of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics proclaims: "Do math and you can do anything". The school can’t promise but only wish that the students in my class can do anything after finishing this challenging course. Bon Voyage!
Course requirement:
Due to the contents of this course, it requires 9th grade or above.
Course outline (fall session):
Lesson 1: Introduction to Math: stories about Guass and Euler
Lesson 2-4: AMC8 exercises
Lesson 5: All about circles: cord, arc, secant, power of point, Ptolemy equality and inequality, homothetic center
Lesson 6-8: AMC10 exercises
Lesson 9: All about triangles: centroid, inscribed circle and incenter, circumcircle and circumcenter, altitudes and orthocenter, Euler line and Heron theorem
Lesson 10-12: AMC10 exercises
Lesson 13: Let's count
Lesson 14-15: AMC10 exercises
Lesson 16: course project Rubik's cube
Course outline (spring session):
Lesson 1-4: AMC10 exercises
Lesson 5: All about numbers: # of factors, sum of all factors, Euler theorem, phi function
Lesson 6: continuous fractions, Diophantine equation, Pell’s equation
Lesson 7-16: AMC10 exercises
Lesson 17: Let's celebrate
Online Math Resources:
AMC Official Site: http://www.unl.edu/amc/
Mathcounts Official Site: http://mathcounts.org/
Wolfram Math Resources:http://mathworld.wolfram.com/
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