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Singapore Math
Ray Chinese School offers Signapre Math from 2nd grade to 6th grade; The Singapore Math Primary Mathematics curriculum features the Concrete> Pictorial> Abstract approach. Singapore Math students begin by learning through concrete and pictorial means before moving into abstract thought and development. This sequence encourages an active thinking process, communication of mathematical ideas, and problem solving skills. Parents can take an free online placement test at www.singaporemath.com or attend two trial classes at the beginning of each semester.
Middle School & High School Math Enrichment
Ray Chinese School offers variety of middle school and high school honors and AP math courses including: Algebra 1 (Grade 7) , Algebra II (Grade 8), Gifted Intermediate Algebra (small class for gifted students), Pre-Calculus (7+)  Geometry (Gr. 8+), AP Statistics (Gr.9+); and Calculus AB (Gr. 9+); The purpose is to promote student advancement, sumpplement school learning, or improve any weakness in particular classes. All of math teachers are experienced with at least 10 years experiences in teaching. We also offer special math programs such as mental math and the Cogat preparation for elementary students.
Math Competition courses
We offer multiple math competition preparation courses including: Elementary Olympiad Math (Gr. 4-5); Mathcounts I: Number Theory and Counting (Gr 6); Mathcounts II: Solve Equations (Gr. 6+); American Math Competitions (Gr.9+); The purpose of these courses is to provide training for students who are interested in math competition programs. Mr. Wu, who is teaching these courses, has more than 10 years of teaching experience in math competition courses. Multiple students have won national math conceptions under his instruction.
PSAT, SAT/ACT test preparation
We offer PSAT, SAT & ACT math test preparation with instructors Dr. Liu and Mr. Wei. The courses will use lectures and hands-on practice to make students ready for tests. Both teachers have significant teaching experience. The class will prepare students with their own collected math test problems which is very beneficial for test preparation. Many of their students get full scores in the above tests.
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