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English Reading and Writing(Grade 1-3)
The objective is to develop student's ability in reading and writing. The content will focus on writing (spelling, handwriting, and punctuation) and reading (comprehension, sequence). Basic development of parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation and proofreading will be practiced in workbook pages. Students will produce written text using well-structured sentences, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar and also interpret text based on in-class readings and group exercises. They will practice writing composition and literature composition. They will also do weekly workbook exercises to instill basic concepts and group activities to encourage creativity and confidence. Each student will keep a Creative Journal with guided entries by the teacher.
English Reading and Writing(Grade 4-6)
The objective is to learn about structure and grammar, develop knowledge of ways in which reading and writing vary according to context, purpose, audience, and content. Students will learn to read and respond to a range of literature and develop reading strategies as they read for enjoyment and information. Students will also develop enjoyment, confidence and independence in writing through mini presentations and group discussions.
English Reading and Writing(Grade 7-9)
The purpose is to develop reading and writing skills in preparation for SAT. Students will refine areas in English and Reading with supplementary reading and practice areas of the SAT practice exam. Students will also conduct research on issues and interests by generating ideas and questions, and by posing problems. They gather and evaluate data from a variety of sources to communicate their discoveries in ways that suit their purpose and their audience. All exercises will be in accordance with SAT standards and preparation. Each student will keep a Creative Journal, making weekly entries.
Play Together
Kids below 4 years old play and learn together with parents.
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