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School Policies

The most important school policies can be accessed from http://www.raychineseschool.org, choose Policies.

On home page: http://www.raychineseschool.org, choose Calendar.


If you are a new family to RCS, please email to the Ray Chinese School Administrator, info@raychineseschool.org, the following information for setting-up a new login ID:

  1. Your family main contact's last name, first name, and email address;
  2. Your home phone number and home mailing address;
  3. Both parents names if you will have a minor registering at RCS.

Once you have your login/password.  You login into RCS online registration by clicking "Registration" from our home page: http://www.raychineseschool.org.  You need to first add any new student into the system by clicking "Add New Student".  Then you can register class for the student by choosing "Enroll/Drop".  You pick the student you want to register and click "Registration" on the left side.  You get into the registration page where you can register for available classes and drop already registered classes.

A full refund of the tuition will be granted if you drop the course on or before the third Saturday when the school is in session. No any portion of the tuition is refunded if you drop the class thereafter. You will need to drop classes online by yourself before the deadline, including dropping a class in order to switch to a different one.

Send email to info@raychineseschool.org.

You log into your account, and go to "My Account", print out that page, and write a check with the amount of "Total Balance Due" at the right bottom of the page.  You can mail the payment with the account information sheet to the following address: Ray Chinese School, P.O. Box 4018, Naperville, IL 60567-4018.  You can also drop the payment on Saturday school day.

There will be a 10% penalty if the tuition is not paid within 2 weeks after the school semester start date, or 2 weeks after the registration date (whichever date comes later will be used to determine the penalty).  We use post office mailing date on the envelop to decide your payment date.

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