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Wang Naiying 王乃英   Naiying Wang Davis is a professional fine artist and designer, having been the art editor for the Tianjin Publishing House and Music Institute and having her art work published both in China and United States.
   She came to the USA in 1995 as a visiting Professor in Art at Bard College in New York. Since settling in Chicago, she has taught art classes in several different schools. Her favorite is here at Ray school; teaching since 1997.
   In addition, Naiying teaches private lessons in drawing and painting in her home with students ranging in age from 5 to 50 years old. Naiying is comfortable providing instructions both in Mandarin and in English.
  Being both reliable and possessing a loving heart for her students, Praise the Lord, several of her students have had great success in art competitions. Two students received Grand Prize awards and a third was awarded second prize in the River of Words International Art competition. Their winning artwork is on display in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.
  Naiying believes strongly in the value of an art education. Students who learn about art develop their capacities to weigh meanings and make evaluations and judgments. Understanding and making art can teach students how to work cooperatively in groups and how to work hard to achieve a goal.
Wang Ying 王 莹 Wang Ying started her career as a professional artist at the Shandong Art Museum, working there for over 20 years after she graduated from the Shandong Art Institute. Her award-winning artwork has been in exhibitions in China, Japan, and Korea, and has been collected and published by many art museums.
Wang Ying is now an art school instructor in the United States, and teaches private lessons in drawing and painting at her home. She enjoys seeing her students learn new art techniques and improve quickly, and is proud that many have received first or second place in regional, and even national art competitions.
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