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Hale Kristin Education
Master's degree in Education with a concentration on Reading literacy

More than 15-years of teaching experiences focusing on Creative Writing
Advisory Board at Stagg High School
Director of a private elementary school
Has been teaching Creative Writing in Ray Chinese School for 2 years

Lake Edward Education
B.S of English
Education: Master of Education
Bachelor of Arts IN Teaching of English
Teaching Certificate K-12 English
Currently teaching at Carpentersville Middle School English Teacher
High School English Teacher 2006-2008 at Thornridge High School, Dolton, IL
High School English Teacher 2004-2006 at George Washington High School, Chicago
AP English Language and Literature Examiner Since 2011

Li Yuelin 李跃林
Liu Bill Bill Liu is the Chairman of Chinese Community for the City of Naperville and the Global Ambassador for DuPage County. Bill also servers as the Chairman of Board of Directors for Xilin Association. Bill teaches at Vietnam National University annually.
Patterson Sturart Education
B.S of English

PhD of Liberal Arts
Visiting Associate Professor in North Central College
Chair of the Shimer Great Books School at North Central College
Has been teaching writing at the collegiate level for over 15 years
Has been teaching college essay application in Ray Chinese School for past two years
Provide personal advising for students college essay writing, many of students have been admitted in top colleges.
For the past two years, he has been advising students in North Central College's Lederman and Community Scholars programs, which place advanced high school age students in college courses and provides guidance for college placement.

Patterson 博士毕业于Emory University人文学院,从教美国大学二十余年,曾先后八年在英国牛津大学访学并且亲授美国学生的写作和经典著作阅读课程。2011 被美国国家人文基金会授予年度杰出教学奖,该奖得主都是拥有高超的教学技艺并对学生有极大影响的全美最出色的本科教学者。Patterson 教授现任North Central College 哲学和文学系(Department of Great Books) 系主任。
Robertson Dan Dan Robertson(罗丹) is the founder and owner of The Tea House www.theteahouse.com, World Tea Tours www.WorldTeaTours.com and robertson*tea www.robertsontea.com in Naperville, Illinois. As an importer, wholesaler, blender and purveyor of premium teas and accessories, he is involved with many levels of the tea industry. He is a regular contributor to various tea trade periodicals, web blogs and tea news services. Known for his informal and engaging style, Dan shares his passion for tea, lecturing around the world for businesses, educational and private groups, tea industry trade shows and events and has been a regular speaker at the World Tea Expo and the Indian Tea Forum in Darjeeling, India. He serves as a judge for distinguished tea competitions including the Hong Kong Intl Tea Fair’s Tea Competition. An authority on tea culture, history, production and trade, Dan also conducts professional tea tasting classes and instructs courses in the Chinese tea ceremony.
Shields Mandi Education
Bachelor of Liberal Arts In English

Licensed Teacher with emphasis in classic reading and building vocabulary
Private Middle School ELA Teacher
Nearly a decade of teaching experience
Six years of teaching international students in Beijing, China
Second year teaching English at Ray Chinese School
Strengths include taking difficult texts and making them accessible and enjoyable for middle school students

Wang Jin 王晋
王晋,毕业于南京大学,The Ohio State University 物理学博士,现任美国阿贡国家实验室主任研究员,多项国家重点研究项目负责人,多次芝加哥大学和能源部的科学大奖获得者。他不但授业有道,十多年来成功地指导了多名高中生进入哈佛普林斯顿等高校,而且教子有方,他的长子 Harrison Wang 十一年级获得奥化全国第六。奥物全国银牌。十二年级获得奥化全世界第五名。奥生物也进入半决赛,现就读于 MIT。王先生愿意与瑞华的高中生,尤其是正在,或者是准备在学校选修AP physics的孩子们一起分享学物理,学科学的乐趣。
Ziegler John Education
Master of Arts, International Relations and International Economics
Johns Hopkins University; Bachelor of Arts, International Relations

20-years of English Teaching Experiences
Teaching experiences include elementary school, middle school and high school English courses
SAT preparation
Middle school and high school speech ourses
Has been teaching in Ray Chinese School for more than 2 years

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