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Performing Art
Children (boys and girls) who enjoy music, dance and performing should come to this class. Instructor Ms. Lin will teach children how to be self-expressive through the movement of all body parts with different styles of dances and therefore promote their self confidence and improve flexibility as well as coordination.
Ballet (Level I)
This is a fun dance class for students age 7-9 years old. Students will learn mainly the ballet skills. Other styles of music and dances like Jazz and Chinese Folk Dances are also included in teaching. Students will sure experience the joy of dancing.
Ballet (Level II)
Students who have completed Ballet (Level I) and are 9-11 years old should register this class. Ballet skills from intermediate to advanced level will be taught through variety of music. Students will also have opportunity performing in special school and community events.
Belly Dance

肚皮舞 (Belly Dance) 是一个古老的中东舞蹈. 这个美丽的, 具有神秘异国情调的舞蹈将瑜伽与性感相交融, 健身与舞蹈相结合, 旨在充分挖掘女性身体仪态潜在的魅力. 肚皮舞适合所有年龄所有体型的女性学习和训练. 它虽然在东亚及中东非常流行,在美国的华人中还是很陌生.  本舞蹈的训练目的就是让女性们通过学习肚皮舞的基本舞步, 在健身,健美,娱乐的同时使身体变得更加柔软,优美,挺拔, 从而塑造优雅性感的体态,增强女性魅力及自信.
Kids Dance Level 1 & 2

Cardio Dance for adult
What is the cardio Excesses:
  • It strengthens the heart.
  • It strengthens the lungs and increases lung capacity.
  • It boosts the metabolism, burns calories and helps you lose weight.
  • It helps reduce stress.
  • It increases energy.
  • It promotes restful sleep.

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