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Common Core (Buckle Down) English 2-6 Grade

英语阅读和写作 Gr.2/English Reading & Writing Gr.2
英语阅读和写作 Gr.3/English Reading & Writing Gr.3
英语阅读和写作 Gr.4/English Reading & Writing Gr.4
英语阅读和写作 Gr.5/English Reading & Writing Gr.5
英语阅读和写作 Gr.6/English Reading & Writing Gr.6

For elementary school English, Ray Chinese School offers a wide variety of English programs. English Reading and Writing Gr. 2 to Gr. 5 will be taught by John and Carmen. The objective is to develop student’s ability in reading and writing. The materials that we are using are Buckle Down on the Common Core State Standards English Language Arts, Grad 2-5. Correlated to the New York and Common Core State Standards, Buckle Down has just what you need to stay in step with the Common Core State Standards-a groundbreaking change in our educational system. The new Buckle Down to the Common Core will ensure that every classroom is current, focused, and on track with the CCSS initiative. Lessons introduce key skills such as reading, writing, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation etc. In-class guided readings and group exercises will be the main focus. Some homework will be assigned based on the progress and teacher’s preference.

Ray Chinese School Designed Elementary School English Courses

Elementary School Enrichment English (Gr. 3) 小学英语精读 (Gr.3)
Elementary School Enrichment English (Gr. 4&5) 小学英语精读(四,五年级)

Elementary School Enrichment English Gr. 3-5 will be taugh by John. This course is a guided reading class and focuses on reading stories and fables in class. Those stories and fables are selected by John as a supplement to current common core requirement for reading and writing. The focus of these classes will be primarily on attaching context to themes, character analysis, etc. The main purpose of these classes are meant to enhance student's reading levels. Some basic wiring elements will also be incorpated to thoses courses such as sentence building exercises, spelling, etc. For Gr. 4 &5, students are required to do some short writings. Light homework may be assigned to students such as after school reading.

Middle School Reading, Writing and Grammar Courses

Vocabulary Building/Classic Reading (Gr.6&7)英语词汇学习及阅读分析
Introduction To The Classics (Gr.7&8) 英语经典阅读
Middle School Advanced English Reading/Writting 初中高级英语强化班
Middle School Literature Analysis(GR6&7)初语精读(6&7年级)
Middle School Literature Analysis(GR7&8)初中英语精读(7&8年级)

These classes are designed to improve middle school students english skills which include reading comprehension, literatur analyisis, crtical thinking, grammar, vocubalary and writting skills. Each course has its own purpose and targets different grades of students.  The classical reading classes will be primarily on attaching context to themes, as well as fine tuning identification and understanding of literary devices. As students read through these classics, students will write short essays on each book. Middle school literature analysis teaches students how to analyze a novel,  short story, or non-fiction article. Students need to consider elements such as the context, setting, characters, plot, literary devices, and themes. Middle School Advanced English Reading/Writing is designed to help students who is advanced in their english level and wants to have a comprehensive further improvemetns in the literature analysis and writing skill. It will further introduce a little advanced english skills which students will be used in high school.

High School English

Great Books-High School Literature Analysis  高中阅读分析 
High School ELA level 2 高中英文二级

These classes are intended for highschoolers in different levels. The courses are designed to focus on high school literature analysis.  Students are required to read a variety of books in various genres. students will become critical thinkers as they read both fiction and non-fiction and as they practice writing in different genres. Also, students will practice their rhetorical techniques through debate, speeches and presentations. This course is designed for students to have a wide range of literary experiences so that they will be better prepared for post secondary education. Focused skills include in creative writing, oral presentation, formal writing and vocabulary. All above courses are taught by high school teachers or college professors.

English Writing

Crafting a Personal Essay Workshop 高中写作 
Creative Essay Writing 高中英语写作强班
Creative Essay Writing 初中英语写作强化班

The importance of writing skills for a person includes: 1. Enabling one to explain yourself; 2. Serving as a record in future; 3. Helping student in college application and even getting jobs in future; 4. Improving communication skills while increasing students' knowledge, creativity and imagination.  Writing skill is one of the fundamental skills that students can be benefit whole life. Ray Chinese School offer variety of middle school and high school writting courses, including creative writing for middle school and high school, which will teach student how to open mind in the writing. Essay writing which will teach students how to write a useful literature. In addition, we have college essays are the centerpiece of any student’s profile and are a necessity for any potential applicant. This course will address how to make essays creative, engaging, and compelling for top schools. This course will begin with reading college application model essays that we as a class will critique and then seek to emulate - or even improve on - in our own writing. Students will read each others' work as well as the model writing and gain valuable critical practice as well as learning some basic but always useful and powerful tools for good writing, including how to use stories, metaphors, precise vocabulary and persuasive rhetorical devices.  Our teachers include experienced high school teachers and college professors who specialize in writing.

Test Prep

Pre SAT/ACT English (Junior High) SAT/ACT考试英语入门(初中)
SAT English Reading/Writing (Gr.9+) SAT 英语阅读 (9年级以上)
SAT Extra Intensive Practice SAT/ACT语法词汇
SAT Reading and Writing Preparation SAT 阅读与写作备考

Ray Chinese School offers a variety of SAT and ACT English preparation courses. They cover all the SAT components, inlcuding grammer, vocubalary, essay writing, intensive practice based on each student's acdemic level, students can choose different SAT prep courses. Comprehensive courses covers all the topics mentioned above. Students can also choose one of the topic above. We have PSAT course for students who are interested in National Merit Award and SAT for middle school students for those students who wants to try SAT/ACT  tests earlier.  Our SAT/ACT teachers are mainly public and private high school teachers, all of them are having 10+ full time teaching experiences. From Ray Chinese School, we have students who get full scores on both SAT and ACT every year. Cogat and TTCT tests are intended to prepare students in 203 and 204 school to get in PI, PI + or PA program. Our teacher has been teaching this course over 10 years. Hundreds of students have gotten into those advanced program after taking his class.

Public Speaking & Debate

Elementary Public Speech Grades 4-5 小学英语公共演讲 Gr.4-5
English Speech and Debate(High School) 英语演讲辩论(初中)
English Speech and Debate(High School) 英语演讲辩论(高中)
Middle School Speech - Intro. to Public Speaking 初中演讲基础
Advanced Competition Speech Training 高级演讲技巧训练

Speech & Debate are the skills that will benefit students in their life time. Therefore, Ray Chinese School provides qulaity courses to train our student's speech and debate skills. Our speech/debate courses are devided into different levels. They cover elementary school speech, middle school speach and high school speech and debate. Whether students want to simply improve their communication/speech writting skills or are aiming for high school activities (speech/debate tournaments), you all can find courses here. In recent years, many students from Ray Chinese School have recieved high ranks in local and even national speech/debate tournaments.

Adult English

Adult English focuses on teaching oral english communication for day to day life. In order to pay back to the community, this course is free to seniors (65 or above)

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