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Huang Liping 黄丽萍 Liping Huang is a grade 4 professional Go player from Mainland China. Huang's father, Mr. Yongji Huang, was an all China champion in the nineteen sixties, and was famous throughout China for his Go skill as well as for his playing style. Liping Huang started to learn Go from her father at the age of 13. Two years later, she participated in the Go championship held in Anhui province, displaying her talents in full by capturing the title. In 1977, Liping competed in the All-China Go championship for the first time, and captured second place with a marvelous show of skill and concentrated effort. Later, Liping became a member of the national Go team of China, and for seven years she received extensive training at the National Sports Center in Beijing. During this period, Liping's skills improved quickly, rising to the professional grade 4 level. She scored sixth place or better in numerous all China Go competitions both as a group player and as an individual. While representing China in the Go competition against Japan, Liping was undefeated in her matches with the Japanese players Xinhai Huizi, Gongqi Zhimozi, and Japanese master Benyinfang, super Japanese master Xiaolin Qianshou. Liping also was awarded the title of Excellent Sportperson on many occasions. In 1989, Liping represented the Go field of China in Yugoslavia and Hungary, participating in as well as directing the European Go championship.
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