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Drawing for Fun (Age 4-6)
Through the drawing of familiar objects, animals and cartoon characters, children have fun learning the essential basic line techniques and colors.
Drawing - Beginner (Age 6-8)
In this class, teacher will introduce more essential techniques for using lines and colors through drawing cartoon and nature. Teacher will also encourage creative drawing through children's own imagination.
Drawing - Intermediate (Age 9 & Up)
儿童画中级 (9岁以上)
Students will continue from the basic drawing skills and gradually develop their own drawing style. They will also have opportunity to try some sketching and shading.
Sketch (Age 10 & Up)
This is a more advance class for students who already developed some drawing skills and wants to improve in further depth in sketch. Students explore the process of realism and abstraction and study proportion and composition, forms and shapes, shading and rendering, portraits and human figures. Students are encouraged to repeat this class for continued learning and practice.
Chinese Painting *NEW
Chinese Painting is returning Fall 2003. This course provides an introduction to traditional Chinese brush painting. Different types of materials and the effects produced by each are demonstrated. This course is for all ages. Parents are welcome to attend and learn along with their children.
Watercolor Painting *NEW
水彩画 *新课
This course covers basic skills of drawing and sketching as well as application of water colors through demonstration and practice.
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